My necklaces are designed using gemstones, natural material, sterling, silver-fill and silver-plate wire, salvaged copper and other components runs the gamut from the quirky to the elegant. A new design is using recycled guitar strings for sliders to accent the wrapped gems.

The majority of these stones are natural, also called rough, gemstones and most are from mines in the North Carolina mountains; some are oiled or waxed to protect its delicate surface. Find out more about colored stones (as gemstones are now called) and their treatment on my Resources page.

At the other end of the state, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, comes sea glass. My mother combed the beaches from 1950-1990 and I've used it to make earrings and necklaces from sterling silver. An expert estimated the pieces are at least 85-100 years old and several are rare colors.

Custom designs are made on request - if you like the design but want a different gemstone, for example, I can make it happen! Contact me so we can collaborate on your perfect piece.

Hematite turtle on a guitar string Titania - Amethyst in silver teardrop frame and handmade links Hematite and mother of pearl choker necklace Moonstone pendant with silver wire wrap necklace
Hematite is said to ease pain; a turtle is a symbol of patience and strength; a hematite turtle with rainbow hematite beads on a recycled guitar string. $22 Something a Fairy Queen may wear - or to make you feel like a queen! Amethyst framed in handmade silver loops - accents of amethyst and Czech glass are interspersed in the handmade links. – $45 A choker made with hematite (see turtle!) and mother of pearl; a pewter feather accents th e two-inch extender. – $22 The mystery of moonstone - it's hard to capture its iridescence and changing colors. wrapped in sterilng silver with a handmade bail; SP chain included.
Turquoise wrapped in copper on guitar string Brown tumbled glass with handmade copper links Turquoise and coral rope necklace Wood peace pendant with olive wood beads
Rough turquoise from a privately-owned mine in Arizona (commerical mining there has ceased), wrapped in copper, strung on a recycled guitar string, accented with handmade copper tubes and turquoise-dyed howlite. – $18 A beer bottle in a former life; now tumbled glass wrapped in copper with handmade copper links, Czech glass and copper beads accent the matinee-length necklace. – $35 A matinee-length necklace of turquoise (dyed) and real coral chips - perfect for jeans and a sweater or to accent a cute sundress. – $19 Wood peace pendant on a handmade copper bail with olive wood beads from Israel, pecan beads, accented with copper tubes – $45
Kyanite wrapped in sterling silver Keishi pearls Ruby Zoisite Copper pendant with real turquoise and natural leather
Kyanite wrapped in sterling silver, cradled in a hand-made bezel. From the North Carolina mountains, this is one my last pieces. Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement. — $40 Three strands of Keishi pearls form a lovely collar that can go from jeans to little black dress in a snap. — $25 Ruby-zoisite is a combination of ruby and zoisite crystals; both found in NC; this nuggest is nestled in a silver-filled* handmade bezel and bail; SP chain included Salvaged copper hammered into a slithery shape with a real turquoise bead as an accent. Natural leather lace necklace included.
Yin Yang pendant with brecciated jasper Bloodstone heart wrapped in copper on leather lace Red Jasper necklace with copper bezel Zebra jasper on recycled guitar string
Opposites attract - dark and light, man and woman - it symbolizes how seemingly contrary forces are actually complementary. The necklace is of brecciated jasper, bone and copper beads with a custom-made bail of copper for the pendant. $55.00 Bloodstone is green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide and was treasured in ancient times; it's a symbol of justice - and stops nosebleeds (or so legend says). This heart is wrapped in salvaged copper with copper spacers – $15.00 Red jasper cabochon purchased at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine in Boone, NC - salvaged copper forms a bezel and bail to hang on the adjustable leather lace necklace. – $14. A nugget of zebra jasper, again from the NC mountains, wrapped in a handmade silver bezel and accented with hematite and motehr of pearl beads; hung on recycled guitar string.
Copper Labryinth necklace with yellow turquoise Seaglass Outer Banks Kelly Green Sterling Silver Necklace Turquoise and coral necklace Hematite cross necklace with pewter and hematite beads
A copper laybryinth pendant swings from leather lace, connected with handmade copper links and yellow turquoise ovals.— $25.00 My mother collected sea glass in Nags Head in the late 70s-80s. This piece is estimated to be 75-100 years old and the bright kelly green is an uncommon color. Wrapped in sterling silver on a sterling silver chain – $35.00 Chunks of turquoise, coral and copper spacers makes this matinee-length necklace a go-to accessory for a day at the office or a casual date - the copper enhances the attributes of the turquoise and coral! $24.00 Hematite is said to be good for, among other attributes, arthritis pain - my mother-in-law and a best friend both swear by it. The cross is hung on a necklace of magnetic hematite and pewter spacers with a handmade bail. – $40.00
Amethyst nugget on guitar string slider White OBX Seaglass wrapped in sterling silver Aluminum with Amethyst nugget Purple stick pearls with pewter
A polished spear of amethyst wrapped in silver-filled wire with amethyst rounds and pewter spacers on a recycled guitar string. – $18 More seaglass from Mama's collection made over the years in Nags Head. Wrapped in sterling silver with a finishing touch of a Celtic knot. Silver chain available. – $35.00  The statement is bold – salvaged aluminum makes it light! An amethyst nugget snuggles in the middle. Adjustable leather lace necklace; matching earrings available. $14

Contact me about special pricing for purchase of the matched set

Another collar of purple stick pearls (still think they look like teeth) but suspended on a pewter chain with a side clasp of pewter. Accented with Czech glass and amethyst beads. – $24.00
See What's the difference? to find out why I use silver-filled wire.

All work guaranteed

If your piece breaks, please return it(with as many pieces as possible), and I will repair or replace it free of charge.

Note: I make a conscious effort to use recycled materials as often as possible as well as made in the U.S.A. The booth I use at festivals is 80% recycled, salvaged or second-hand material. Beads and materials are purchased locally, where available, in support of our area businesses. Metals used: Lead-free pewter, sterling silver, lead-free/nickel-free silver plate and silver-fill wire, salvaged copper.

As with all my jewelry, most of my focal points, and even a lot of my beads, are one-of-a-kind. If the piece you like has been sold, I'll do my best to make one similar to it.